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No ads

You never have to view or watch annoying ads on Pixegram. With the competitors showing an average of one ad for every 3 posts, this not only means a far more enjoyable viewing experience, but hours of time not wasted watching annoying ads.
No data tracking

Since we don't show you ads, we don't have to track your usage either! Enjoy the peace of mind that none of your activities are going to be tracked and sold to advertisers.
Chronologically ordered feed

Make no mistake, others use algorithms not because they want you to see what you care about, rather, its to force you to endlessly scroll so you can be shown even more ads. Why would anyone want to see a post from 3 days ago before one just posted minutes ago?
Post from your desktop

Make new posts from your desktop! Great for photographers who often are working on their desktops and would like to post their best work. Why do the other guys not allow this?